This Light My Fire workshop will allow you to learn and try different techniques to cook food on an open fire, suitable if you want to go super minimalist and leave the stove at home.

  • This workshop will be run by a local bushcraft expert and will focus on:
  • Learning about different fire lays and use the criss-cross fire lay to cook on.
  • Preparing a fish and cook.
  • Making some damper bread or make some wooden pegs to pin bacon to a board to cook.
  • Cooking some bannock bread on your fire and eat with maple syrup, or fry up some pignuts (Conopodium majus).  
  • Enjoying fresh food cooked on an open fire.  
  • Learning to identify some wild foods and wild plants to avoid.

The workshop will be run on both Saturday and Sunday between 12.30 - 2.30pm and places must be reserved in advance below:


Campfire Cooking 1 When: June 03, 12.30-2.20

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Campfire Cooking 2 When: June 04, 12.30-2.20

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