Suffering from saddle bag sway? Unsure what to put where on your bike? Lee Craigie and Emily Chappell from The Adventure Syndicate will be on hand to show you best practice based on a few thousand miles of loaded riding. 

Unlike traditional panniers, bikepacking bags or rackless luggage requires much more careful packing to ensure they perform properly and to make the most from their generally smaller capacity.

This workshop will focus on best practice, both in terms of suitable gear selection in the lead up to the trip but also how to pack and repack the bags whilst out riding. Lee Craigie will have her Tour Divide race ready bike and setup, whilst Emily Chappell with have her Transcontinental Race equivalent. One event is largely off-road, whereas the TCR is solely on-road. This workshop provides an insight into how kit setups differ accordingly.

The Adventure Syndicate is a collective of female endurance cyclists whose aim is to increase levels of self-belief and confidence in others (especially in women and girls) by telling inspiring stories, creating an encouraging community and delivering enabling workshops and training. 


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