Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September


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Starting in the early 80's as a distributor of other outdoor brands, Exped began to build our own gear in 1997. Since then they have created many highly innovative products and won many awards for their designs.

Manufacturing Principals - Expertise and Respect for People

Exped chooses to manufacture products in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and Korea, in factories with which we have had close personal relationships for many years. These factories have grown to become benchmark manufacturers for tents, mats, backpacks, and other outdoor gear. The facilities resemble laboratories more than factories and are extremely efficient, yielding outstanding production quality. Over the years, these collaborative relationships have allowed Exped to explore highly innovative and industry-changing solutions to the challenges encountered by our customers in the outdoors.  The key to success is found in the people we work with in the factories (outdoor gear is primarily made by hand). Most employees have been working for these factories for years, and all of them experience a high degree of respect for worker safety and working conditions. Compliance with social standards at these factories is monitored and documented independently. But because our product designers and managers spend time at the factories, we can oversee and experience it ourselves. In addition, Exped pays above the national average in each country. The results of this respectful and collaborative approach to manufacturing is consistent quality and a fair price across our broad range of products.

Quality Principles - Tinkering to Perfection

As mentioned above, everything we do is part of our quest to design and build the highest-quality outdoor gear. It has been said that one of the key traits of the Swiss (Exped is based in Zurich, Switzerland) is their tendency to tinker to perfection. This is true for Exped and represents the critical element of our product-driven company. No detail is too small to be tinkered with and improved -- and then improved again. We are users of our own gear and certainly our most critical testers. In our view, there is no point at which a product is actually perfect -- everything can be improved with a little more tinkering.



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