Want to pedal in from the Station? Forum users over at Bearbones Bikepacking are planning a social, non-guided ride in.

Bearbones forum users are getting together to ride to the festival. Have a look at the forum post here:


Unlike the guided bikepacking overnighter, this is an informal ride in and requires a degree of bikepacking proficiency but is a good way for people to get to know each other on the way in whilst leaving the car at home. It also isn't part of the Adventure Cycle Festival.

Meet at 2PM at Oxenholme Station's Western car park on the 2nd June.

Your Safety
Cycling is a potentially hazardous activity carrying a significant risk. It should only be undertaken with a full understanding of all inherent risks. As this ride is not guided you must use the exercise of your own experience, intuition and careful judgement. Whilst using the public highway, all riders must observe the Highway Code. If cycling off road, please keep to public rights-of-way where cycling is permitted and exercise due care to all other users.

Emergency Info
In case of an emergency call 999.
Nearest A&E hospital facilities:
Furness General Hospital
Dalton Lane,
LA14 4LF,
T: 01229 870870.


Supporters & Contributors

The Adventure Cycle Festival is supported by some of the leading manufacturers and retailers in the cycle industry, click a logo for more info. If you want your company to be involved get in touch.

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